I came to you seeking relief from my physical pain……and……unexpectedly found much much more.

My body now has a sense of lightness and flow which I have never experienced before.

Your sense of presence and stillness is a light for my life path.

Thank you for life; nothing; everything!



Aseema has a most wonderful gift in her ability to heal.

After only 2 sessions she helped me release shoulder pain which I have had for 16 years which has been unresponsive to many other practices including physiotherapy, chiropractic treatment, massage and drugs.

She has the ability to make you feel completely safe in her gentle caring hands as she helps facilitate your healing on the physical , emotional, mental and spiritual level.

Combined with movements she teaches you to practice at home this is a remarkable therapy with lasting benefits which continue long after the session is finished.

In situations which normally I would find very stressful I am now able to remain calm and relaxed.



When I heard Aseema was opening a web site I wanted to write a testimonial to tell people of my own experience.

I am a nurse and after a long career of lifting and a 10 yr history of lower back pain a CT and MRI scan showed a disc bulge and degeneration of the disc at L5, S1. I was advised against surgery and went about trying anything that might give me relieve from the pain.

My GP then told my about Trager and referred my to Aseema.

I cannot tell you how excited I was when after my second session I was actually pain free. Each session has helped prolong my pain free periods and whilst my back is not going to repair itself as the disc is degenerated, at least now I have a quality of life.

My regular sessions with Aseema and an exercise program form my physio Therapist enabled me to get back to work.

"After each session my mind and body have let go more than ever before."  

Eva Breen


"Trager induces fatal relaxation and well-being.  As soon as the work begins, I can feel any tension and stress of the day ebb away." 

Krissie- Nurse 


"The effects of my Trager session lasted much longer than massage.  I can go 2-3 weeks with no distress.  There was no pain during the session or soreness following.   I refer Trager to everyone I know because it has are such a positive difference in my life." 

Vince- Engineer


"I was diagnosed with lupus and fibromyalgia 10 years ago and suffered with debilitating pain and physical exhaustion.  After Trager,  I now live a very active lifestyle without any physical restrictions.  My mental health benefits as well.  I apply the relaxation techniques to avoid a downward spiral.  I have my body back!" 

Sheron- Newspaper Executive


"I suffered severe neck and shoulder tension causing headaches that lasted 3 days.  After my first session my next felt much better and I haven’t had a headache since.  The hip and leg pain I had for years disappeared after three sessions and I’ve leaned how to keep it at bay." 

Holly- President, List Brokerage Firm


"I used to accept increasing pain as just part of nature, ageing and stress.  After a Trager session I feel longer, leaner, fluid, and energised.  Now each day is an opportunity to feel better and grow stronger."  

Janet- Independent Sales Rep


"I came to Aseema via a referral from my doctor after suffering from a soft tissue injury from a car accident. While I was previously able to enjoy deep tissue massage, my body (in particular my upper back, shoulders and neck) was unable to handle even the gentlest prod from the physiotherapist without everything seizing up.

Aseema’s gentleness and intuitive touch allowed my muscles to trust again and release. She is an amazingly skilled bodyworker and under her hands my pain and holding patterns have changed and shifted. She is one of two people who can work on my body without my muscles seizing up 20 minutes later, and the only one who can make my whole body feel light and pain-free.

Thank you, Aseema, for bringing relief from pain and freedom of movement into my life. I appreciate your gentleness and excellent sense of humour and the friendship we have forged through your amazing hands.

If you are suffering and nothing else is working; for the sake of your body and spirit, go and see Aseema."



Aseema, The Trager treatments I have had with you have given me more mobility in my neck and shoulders and less rigidity in my emotional life.

When you recommended I have a hair analysis done I was quite resistant to trying yet another thing to attempt to regain my health.  Following a car accident in 1998 I have tried many different ways to regain health, most things I tried helped to some degree but nothing got me back to any quality of life.  Emotionally I wasn’t sure that I had enough resilience left to dare to hope and have my hopes dashed again.  I was very fearful of my ability to cope emotionally with another failed attempt.  I took the risk anyway.

After 9 years and 8 months of feeling too exhausted to be able to take getting to the end of the working day for granted, being unable to join or participate in most activities that lead to social connections, becoming very socially isolated and often so exhausted that I would become teary, I received my hair analysis report.

I began to feel stronger within 24 hours of following recommendations in the hair analysis report.  I have been taking the recommended supplements and following the dietary changes for 9 months now and my body has become stronger and more physically reliable.  I feel stronger emotionally and it has given me hope of having a fulfilling life, not just surviving for another decade.  I am not yet as strong as others and I don’t have quite as much stamina as others, but I can exercise more, I can trust my body, my body image has improved, my self confidence has improved and I am happier in myself.

Now I am looking forward to a brighter, happier, healthier future.  I am now daring to dream.

Thank you,
You have made a difference,