About Aseema

I have been involved in alternative healing, Bodywork and Meditation for over 30 years. 

I learned many different styles of massage from  Deep Tissue Massage, Trigger Point release and Myotherapy, to Swedish Massage, Huna Massage and soft tissue Massage.   Being very interested in the mind I saw that in  massage and deep tissue work,   the conscious and unconscious patterns in the mind would only change the muscle tissue for a short period of time, but then the mind would eventually bring the tissues back out of balance.  

So  I wanted to learn something that would change the unconscious mind.  Thats when I discovered the Trager Approach.   

Trager takes the opposite approach of deep tissue work.  It  is gentle and pain free.

More importantly Trager taught me to look at how the mind affects the body.

I have always been very attracted to working more effortlessly and I was also very interested to work more with the mind. 

I was fascinated with the effortless approach of Trager and heard that Betty Fuller, the first person to work with Milton Trager, was coming to Australia to lead the first part of the Trager Practitioner's Training. 

Over the next three years I trained and have been a certified practitioner since 1996. I find Trager to be a great tool in healing myself and others. 

Trager has changed my life and of course my work in a great way. I have a passion for bodywork and healing, and regularly attend healing seminars and trainings in Australia and Europe. I am very gifted with my hands and extremely dedicated to my work.

For many years I took part in meditation groups and therapies and studied under many different spiritual teachers such as Osho, Nukunu and Naja, and Shanti Mayi.

I also attended and held many trainings seminars with “the Work of Byron Katie” which teaches us how to meet our thinking and therefore our entire lives with clarity, love and understanding.

I look forward to working with you.