Session Details


Come home to yourself

Let go… into hands and presence that are soft, sensitive, powerful, and wise.

Feel… movement and touch that soothes, delights, and expands your possibilities.

Discover… how daily life is immeasurably enhanced by regular experiences of exquisite re-connection to Self.


What happens in a Session

In my warm, spacious studio, each session will begin with a short consultation to determine what your deeper goals are, as well as the specific intentions of this session. Each session will be tailored to your needs. We will decide the following points:

  • What you would like from your session(s)?

  • What injuries have you had?

  • How your body feel right now?

  • How would you like it to feel?

A session takes approximately 1 to 1½ hours. 

Then we will decide whether to work with The Trager Approach,  Massage or Bodywork with a combination of Massage and Trager movements.

You will be asked to lay on a well padded table, dressed in what is most comfortable for you.  

I always work in a state of relaxed, meditative awareness. From this place of serenity, I use touch, oils and movements to communicate with your body and mind the feeling of freer and easier way of being and moving.

During a Trager session a state of deep relaxation is created.

As my hands gently cradle, elongate, compress, fluff, and send pleasurable waves and ripples through your body, you will be able to let go of other deeply held patterns of bracing or sluggishness. Soft touch and penetrating movement (punctuated by pauses in resonant silence) will gradually, safely awaken and spread life energy throughout your body.

As a result emotions change and lighten.

As your body mind yields to these soft movements, tensions disappear and new movement patterns become possible, It is a safe, nurturing and healing process.



½ hour consultation $50.00

1 hour consultation $95.00

1¼ hour consultation $115.00

1½ hour consultation $140.00




*Note: The cheaper price is only available between 9.00am and 12.00pm
Monday to Friday